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Surge protection installed by electricians

Are you worried of voltage fluctuations at home? Do you feel the sudden spike might harm your electronics?

Most household devices are plugged into electrical outlets for power. The unpredictable drawback, however, these devices are at the same time vulnerable to various risks just by plugging them. This is because unexpected occurrences such as a brief upsurge in voltage intensity can permanently damage electrical devices. To avoid this, you might need to come up with the most effective approach to protect all of your plugged devices and your Florida home.

Our team of licensed, well-trained and carefully hand-picked electricians strongly recommends that your house be equipped with surge protectors. We are more than happy to provide all of your surge protector installation needs in every step of the way. Sunrise Electric seriously considers your voltage spike protection our mission.

What Devices Need Surge Protection?

  • Electrical Panels
  • Computers
  • Microwaves
  • Television
  • Audio Systems
  • Security Systems

  • DVD Players

  • & More!

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What is a Surge Protector?

A surge protector is an electrical device installed in homes, designed to safeguard electrical equipment and devices against voltage spikes or surges. Spikes are fast and random. These are short duration transient voltages having the potential of disrupting your electrical system at home and causing injury to your electrical devices. Surge protection blocks the voltage over a threshold that is considered safe. In the case of most US states, the threshold is approximately 120 V. This also prevents other undesirable outcomes like data loss and burned wires.

Surge protectors are available in various sizes and specifications. The larger and more complicated types are commonly installed in power distribution panels, communication structures, industrialized systems and process control systems. The smaller and less complicated types are ideally installed in residential buildings and offices.

surge protection

How does a surge protector work?

A surge protector is equipped with several components that allow it to detect the occurrence of sudden voltage spikes. Upon detection, the device diverts the excess voltage to a grounding wire usually found inside the protector. It automatically shorts when the detected threshold is more than 120V to block or ground. By blocking the voltage, it then secures the electrical flow to home devices steering clear of component issues, reduced lifespan and permanent damage. The excess energy is then transported back to its source through the building’s return line. With a surge protector installed, the voltage is uninterrupted and maintained.

What are the advantages of Surge Protection?

Take your mind off any possible mishap by securing your home’s electrical system with surge protection. The protector prevents your home appliances, electrical devices and power tools from getting fried in case of a power surge. Shut out ideas of something catching fire resulting from over-voltage. And most importantly, having a surge protector installed by Sunrise Electric reduces your expenses from replacing broken/fried devices too often. Given these benefits, get the best surge protector and have that peace-of-mind you deserve. Choose the device that best suits your home needs. Also, don’t forget to consider the following during the selection process.

Surge Protector Installation

How are Surge Protectors Installed?

Electricity and wiring are tricky; thus, surge protectors are not easy to install. The proper installation usually involves complex procedures, it is advisable that you do not DIY this. Instead, employ the service of a trusted electrical contractor in the area, like Sunrise Electric. Our expert and reliable electricians will not only help you choose the best surge protectors, you can also expect a proper and clean installation, and last but definitely not the least, get immediate response for repair and maintenance.

How to Choose a Good Electrical Contractor for Surge Protector Installation, Repair and Maintenance?

Selecting a good electrical contractor for surge protector installation, repair and maintenance is a very crucial task to accomplish. Getting the best outcomes greatly depends on the hands of a master electrician that will get the job done, same day! This being said, availing the service of a reliable company such as Sunrise Electric is the real deal.

Our company takes pride in its more than 56 years of experience in the industry, and this includes surge protector installations and subsequent repairs. We are proud of the fact that we have a team of professional electricians equipped with the latest electrical codes and practices. The members of this team are duly licensed, well-trained and have years of experience in handling electrical jobs. We are determined to provide the best and unparalleled electrical services making sure you receive excellent value.

Surge Protection

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