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Thinking of adding a fan to a room that doesn’t have one? Thinking of changing out a current fan for an updated version? Sunrise is the company for you.

Ceiling fan installation requires hiring the service of a master electrician. In fact, it is strongly advised that you do not DIY the installation since the procedures involved are quite complicated. Instead, it is best to hire a master electrician or a reputable electrical contractor to do the job especially when the job involves multiple fan installations where outlets are not available in the ceiling.

How to choose a great contractor for ceiling fan installation?

Selecting the best contractor for ceiling fan installation is not easy since a lot of companies claim that they provide the best services at competitive prices. To avoid getting an unreliable company to handle the installation as well as other related ceiling fan repairs, it is best that you go for the proven and tested service provider like Sunrise Electric. Sunrise Electric is your top choice for ceiling fan installation and repair in areas of Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties. This is because we hire certified, licensed, master electricians who are trustworthy, friendly and clean. Our team is trained to take care of any of your electrical needs especially when it involves ceiling fan installation. By obtaining our services, you will surely have the peace of mind that the ceiling fan works correctly.

Ceiling Fan Installation
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What are the benefits of a ceiling fan?

Although ceiling fans appear to have a simple mechanism and sometimes thought as outdated, they continue to play an important role in most residential and commercial buildings. In fact, a single unit provides the following number of benefits.

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What is a ceiling fan?

Just like other fan types, ceiling fans are electrically powered, usually suspended from the ceiling equipped with rotating blades mounted on a hub and designed to create better air circulation. Among its distinct features, they rotate slower compared to other circulating fans, which allows them to effectively cool surroundings. Ceiling fans have become a decorative accent to rooms, patios, kitchens, offices and more.

How Does A Ceiling Fan Work?

A ceiling fan comes with a motor that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. To do this, the fan is equipped with a capacitor that torques its electric motor up to start. The movement created causes the electrical current to reach the motor and enter the coils of wires wrapped around a sturdy metal base creating a magnetic field and exert more force to move in a clockwise motion. This is where the energy conversion happens and the entire process allows the blades attached to the motor to spin.

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