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Pool and Hot Tub Electrician

When its time to upgrade or install a new pool or tub, trust in Sunrise Electric. The Sunrise brand has been helping the community get the best of life by providing top-quality services at the most reasonable rates. Our 20 years of experience have made us a member of every household and an institution in the Bay Area.

A pool or a hot tub can be a smart addition to your home. We also specialize in pool lighting, motors and additional amperage.

Dip in the pool to escape the hot days of summer and year-round humidity in Florida. The same way a hot tub provides relaxation any day, at any temperature.

But these can only be enjoyed with proper installation, repair, and maintenance. All of which, can only be provided by a licensed and widely-experienced electrician.


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What We Offer In Pool & Hot Tub Wiring

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Hot Tub Electrician

Hot Tub Voltage Requirements

Hot tubs generally operate on two different voltage requirements: 120v and 240v.

A unit that is powered by 120 can be connected to a regular socket. But, you still need a ground fault circuit interrupted cord to prevent shocks.

A 240v unit tends to be larger, which means it needs its own dedicated power supply. A GFCI breaker should also be installed to enable instant shutdown incase of an electrical emergency. The breaker should be within 5-10 feet from the hot tub.

Pool Electrical Requirements

GFCI Protection

All electrical connections to and around pools and hot tubs must be protected by a device called ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). GFCIs ensure safety by shutting down the electrical flow in case of an electrical problem. They respond within a fraction of a second. You may use a GFCI circuit breaker or a GFCI outlet. An electrician from Sunrise Electric can assess which is most appropriate for your case.

It is also required to have an electrical disconnect installed at least 5 feet from the pool or hot tub. This should be readily accessible in case of emergency.

Wiring For Pool

Pool Pump and Filter Power

Most pool pumps require no more than a 20-amp circuit to run them. Some pumps are set up for 120-volt operation and some come equipped with a multi-tap connection. This allows you to run the pump at 120 volts or 240 volts with a few wiring changes on the pump connection itself. The 240-volt pumps usually run on a two-pole, 30-amp circuit. Again remember, the breakers supplying these pumps are all GFCI protected for your safety.

Underground Wiring

Underground wiring should be positioned at least 5 feet from the border of your pool or tub. The only exception is if the wiring connects the pool or tub to a filter, pump, heater, or lighting.

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Pool electrician

Overhead Power Lines

As much as possible, do not run any electrical wiring above the pool or hot tub. If this is unavoidable, make sure the wiring is above the water for at least 22.5 feet. Keep the clearance height above the platform for at least 14.5 feet.

Remember that the net you use for cleaning the pool area is fixed on a long, metallic handle that can get in touch with lines if they are not high enough. If the net is wet, electricity can travel through it down to the handle and to the person holding it.