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Electric Panel: Installation, Replacement, Repair & Maintenance

If your house was built before 1960, you most likely have a fuse box. If you still have that fuse box, it’s time for a circuit breaker panel. Fuses (unlike breakers) needed to be replaced once they blew and allow for about 50% of the amperage as a standard fuse box. Replacing this old equipment saves time and money. It’s safe for appliances and usually offers additional slots breaker slots for growth in the home.

Circuit breakers also can have a need for replacement. Heat, burning smell, 20+ years old and recalled brands are also top reason to replace a circuit breaker. Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) and Zinsco panels are recalled and need replaced to avoid problems that lead to house fires. Flooding and water damage may also cause the circuit breaker to fail.

Not all circuit breaker issues require immediate replacement. Some can be repaired by a certified electrician who can diagnose your system and advise you on the best plan to keep your breaker panel running smooth and your family safe.

Routine maintenance should be considered for every circuit breaker panel in your home. Sunrise Electric offers maintenance packages to keep your electrical systems running at their best. Maintained breaker boxes run efficiently, saving money and promoting years of safety for your family to enjoy.

We called on a Saturday to request service and were scheduled for the upcoming Thursday. Joey and his partner showed up on time, assessed the job, and were able to complete everything same day. Though the work was a bit more expensive than we anticipated, the convenience of having everything completed same day was worth it to us. The guys ran into complications with our existing panel set up, but powered through in the heat and humidity to make sure the job was completed today and done right. They were friendly and professional. Would definitely hire again for future work.
Samantha Hafner
Samantha Hafner
00:37 09 Jul 21
I needed to have my electrical panel replaced. Michael F was wonderful. Explained everything. Was kind, personable . Even though I was unable to afford the estimate, he was so wonderful during this process...
Pam Carroll
Pam Carroll
19:22 01 Jul 21
I was extremely happy with Sunrise Electric! My techs were Brett & Austin - they were outstanding! They changed out my breaker panel and fixed some other issues. I look forward to using them in the future for all my electrical needs. I would highly recommend them!!!
Jeanne Sottong
Jeanne Sottong
11:43 14 May 21
Did a great job replacing my electric panel. Brett & Trevor were on time, professional, efficient and cleaned up. Their pricing was somewhat better than other companies. Their warranty was better than other companies also. Two of us on my street have now used them. I also use this company for irrigation service. Would highly recommend Sunrise!!!
Gidget DiRienz
Gidget DiRienz
12:27 21 Mar 21
Alex, Zack, and Tyler went above and beyond to install new main panel and new sub panel for pool and spa equipment. The guys did a great job and everything was installed top notch. Very professional company.
Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker
00:10 11 Mar 21
I used Sunrise at the recommendation of our neighbors who are having a lot of remodeling work done on their home. Being good friends with them, I have heard all of the horror stories regarding some of the terrible experiences they have been having with some of the companies working with them. When they heard we were in need of someone to help finish up some electric wiring for the installation of a bathroom fan, I couldn't help but call Sunrise, the first company they had positive feedback on!I made my call in the middle of the week and was quickly assisted into a weekend appointment. I was impressed with the speed and availability of their team and, as a busy ICU RN working during a global pandemic, my schedule is hard to work around to say the least. Finding a company with Saturday appointments, and so soon, when I actually have a day off, was great!Sunrise called ahead before my appointment and, working on other projects in my home (so much to do on a day off!) I had accidentally missed their call. When I finally realized they had been reaching out to me it sounded like they had already sent their electrician to the next appointment. I was so embarrassed and I could tell the representative noticed. We agreed for an appointment later in the day, though, and I would just plan some of my errands for another time. They must have noticed I was upset because they called me right back, were able to re-route their team, and he was out to my home in just a few minutes!Our electrician, Joey, came fully prepared for our job. He had a beautiful, clean fully-stocked truck and all the right tools to assess our job quickly and give us a to-the-penny quote. He also provided us with an assessment on some other areas of our home, including our electric panel box (which has been problematic in the past) and recommend a whole-house surge protector; something I didn't even know existed!Sunrise's quote was very appropriate for what they were doing for us. Joey was able to correct some old wiring issues to the fan we were having put in, ensure the wiring was working, and also fully install our new top-of-the-line surge protector all for the right price, and on a Saturday! We are very happy with our new fan and my husband was very excited about the new, extra protection from our surge protector for our expensive electronics and appliances.Sunrise is clean, professional, and prompt. They offer the job done right at a fair price with friendly service. I would be happy to recommend them to my friends, family, and neighbors and I am happy to have a company I can trust in my home in the future.Thanks, Joey and team!
Beth Shirley
Beth Shirley
22:07 13 Feb 21
Hello, Keven Court & his assistant Trevor just completed installing a new service panel in my garage & a new meter can, grounding system and receptacles. They were Prompt, Professional and Polite. The panel was the original in a 40 year old home that had undergone several remodels. The wiring inside the box was a rats nest with several scabbed on circuits, faulty circuit breakers and dead headed wires. I had obtained a couple of bids from the most advertised and recommended companies on the internet for the Tampa Bay area and chose Sunrise because of the way they explained things, the way they stated they would repair what was wrong inside the box, fix anything they thought the inspector might want addressed, upgrade the garage wall receptacles to ground fault and address any other concerns I had for the inclusive quoted price. They did not have three to four pages of disclaimers like the other guys and gave me a fairly detailed list of the materials they would install including brand name and model number of the components. Their price was competitive but quite frankly not the lowest and you get what you pay for most of the time; this time I think I got more than what I paid for. I have two brother-in-laws in the Pacific Northwest that are electricians who own their own business. They looked at photo's of the work needed and said the price range was fair on all the bids. So am I happy, YES. Would I recommend Sunrise Electric, YES. Will I have them address and issues I have in the future, YES. Check them out, listen carefully to what all companies say they will cover and exactly what work their bid covers and you may decide like me that Sunrise Electric is the best bet for your money. Thank You Keven & Trevor for a job well done, on time and within budget.
Gary MacEachern
Gary MacEachern
13:09 02 Dec 20
I have a multi-family house build in 1940 which needed updating since it had cotton insulation and fuse boxes. I figured it was time to correct my situation, so I called in a Electrical Contractor which I basically showed him the door since he proposed work without a permit. I did my research and found Sunrise Electric. Henry was the representative which came to my home, he explained all my options being very professional and extremely knowledgeable. So I decided to go with Sunrise for the installation of two panels to do away with the fuses boxes. To my surprise Henry was the electrician. Henry and Frank were doing such a outstanding job that I then decided to add the total rewire inside the house and the adjacent apartment in my multi-family house. Henry and Frank were always courteous and professional even when I asked questions. Their application of electrical work was above approach and to be frank in my words, I would recommend Sunrise to my mother and you know how that can turn out with a wrong recommendation, not the case with Sunrise. Thank you Sunrise, Henry and Frank for a enjoyable experience with the great work in my home.
Michael Calero
Michael Calero
00:45 25 Nov 20
When we called Sunrise Electric today the scheduler was friendly and immediately helpful in getting us an appt. The electrician, Alex, arrived promptly; was friendly and knowledgeable. We did have to have a full electric inspection of all outlets and panel but the problem was honestly and accurately diagnosed and repaired. Well worth the cost of paying for an emergency call, during this holiday week, and Sunrise will be the ONLY electrician company we call for future needs.
21:16 23 Nov 20
Kevin and his team brought maximum effort to do a long list of updates, upgrades, and repairs to our home. In 3 days, we went from dated fixtures, DIY installs, and code violations to modern, safe, and up to code fixtures, fans, lighting and panels. They also upgraded our pool panel to 240V so that we could handle a future pool heater. Big Thanks to Kevin and his team. They were on time each day, stayed late, and cleaned up. They answered all of our questions, explained the how's and why's, and made sure we were satisfied with the results. It's never easy to pay for major home repairs, but we are confident that the work is done the right way and should never have to be messed with again. I recommend Kevin and Sunshine Electric for any updates, upgrades, or repairs that your home needs. We are enjoying our new outlets, lights, and fans!
Nate Braun
Nate Braun
14:41 11 Nov 20
I do not typically endorse many businesses on Facebook, however I am glad to provide a positive recommendation for Sunrise Electric. From the initial email to follow up texts and calls Sunrise kept me informed about when my technician would be at my home. Also, It's great to know how much you need to spend and I knew exactly what my repairs would cost prior to work being started. I was given options by Joey, my technician/electrician, on various electrical items that needed completed. Joey was the best. He was quick and engaging and seemed okay answering my endless questions, made some suggestions (which we implemented) about improving our smoke detectors, installed two ceiling fans and checked our main panel. I know that if/when I need electrical work done in the future Sunrise Electric will be my first phone call. Thanks Joey and Sunrise.
Brian Brakebill
Brian Brakebill
14:22 04 Nov 20
I have an older home that had renovations in the past and needed a few things updated to make it safer. Also, I had them install an outlet on the carport so I could charge my plug-in hybrid vehicle at home. Henry arrived right on time and was able to assess the situation and made recommendations that would help make my home safer. He and his assistant , Max installed the new outlet on the carport and the regular outlets with more appropriate GFI outlets in the kitchen and bathroom! Henry and Max did a fantastic job and I’m looking forward to having them come out and upgrade my breaker panel in the near future.
Tony Marks
Tony Marks
20:41 28 Oct 20
Sunrise Electric saved my sanity. I woke up to major electrical issues in my home early Sat. morning. Sunrise came out, gave me up front pricing to diagnose the issue and determined the cause was actually the utility power coming in. Because I had recently had a large spa installed, Joey suggested I consider upgrading my 30+ year old panel as I was definitely pushing the original panel's rated output. I didn't feel at all pressured or like I was getting talked into unnecessary work. Sunrise was back out on Monday morning and completed the job by the end of the day as estimated. When complete, Joey walked me around the house explaining everything they did (I also had them replace a failed AC surge protector, install an additional outlet in the garage and install a whole house surge protector I purchased a few weeks ago). While I may have been able to call around and find a lower bid, the piece of mind Sunrise has given me with superior service is worth every penny I paid.
Scott Boyce
Scott Boyce
04:38 27 Oct 20
I had called for emergency services as I had been without any water for days but was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they waive the emergency fee but they were able to fix the problem the next morning! Alex and his buddy came and were in and out within about 2 hours (note, I was prepared for them to be there all day because they needed to completely reroute a new wire from my electrical panel across the whole house to my well!). They were reliable, pleasant, and obviously knew exactly what needed to be done and did just that! Would definitely recommend these guys and I know they are my go-to electricians from now on!
Alex Chiappe
Alex Chiappe
15:51 21 Oct 20
Brett and Frank were great!! Very knowledgeable, extremely professional and did a meticulous job installing my sub panel so that we can run our portable generator. Bring on hurricane season! I’ll be referring my friends your way. Thank you Sunrise!
Brian C. Tribbett
Brian C. Tribbett
18:24 15 Sep 20
Brett and Frank did a fantastic job! So happy I called Sunrise for the repairs. They were knowledgeable, professional and did a meticulous job installing a sub panel for my new portable generator. Thanks Sunrise!
Sub 60 Golf
Sub 60 Golf
17:37 15 Sep 20
Phone staff are courteous, professionals and you can hear the smile in thier voices. They communicate promptly and efficiently. Technician Michael F was knowledgeable, on time, safe and professional. I had several projects and it was nice to have same technician whole time as it builds trust and rapport.
There was small issue however the company & technician promptly fixed it .They stand by thier work! I'm an older grandma, nervous about repairs and strangers in the house this was above my expectations. They replaced my electric breaker panel box ,outlets, switches and stove plug.
I highly recommend !!
Jeanne Vaughn Barnhart
Jeanne Vaughn Barnhart
15:18 26 Jun 20
I hired Sunrise to install some lighting in my condo, The service guy, Brett explained that my electric panel was an old Zinco and that they have had problems over time... his information checked out, it is a fire hazard. Brett worked with me to have it replaced with a new system that included whole house surge protection. I feel more comfortable now that my TV doesn't blow out when I run the micro. The company stands by their work and products.
Georgia Hallman
Georgia Hallman
17:11 23 Jun 20
I can’t say enough about Kevin C. and Sunrise Electric. Kevin arrived on time, was personable, professional and highly-knowledgeable— taking time to answer all of my questions. After providing a fair estimate, he proceeded to knock out my long list of electrical needs in the same visit. This included an upgraded panel, surge protector, installation of fixtures, smoke alarms, switches. He exceeded my expectations and I would give him 6-stars if I could. Well done, Kevin.
Kim H
Kim H
23:44 30 May 20

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What is an Electrical Panel?2020-05-22T15:28:03-04:00

Electrical panels are often called a breaker box, circuit box or breaker board. Most electrical panels are a steel box located inside the home, garage or basement. Panels for outdoor equipment are often located outside. Enclosed in this box is the houses’s electrical system’s circuit breakers which are the main distribution point of electricity. Their main purpose is to regulate the amount of power going through each electrical circuit within the home to avoid serious hazards and to protect expensive appliances. Each circuit is hooked to a switch located within the box that ensures a safe amount of electricity is running through the home at any given time.

What does a Breaker Panel Do?2020-05-22T15:29:49-04:00

Electrical panels are used to add a level or security or safety to your home or office. When dealing with live power flowing into the home, certain dangerous issues can arise. Things like electrical fires and power surges can be life threatening and can also damage expensive appliances and even the home itself. The breaker board regulates the amount of power to each circuit, usually by room, in the home by tripping or shutting off when an unsafe amount of power surges through it. The breaker is designed to take the brunt of the electrical surge so the more delicate multitude of circuits and wires in your home don’t have to.

How does the circuit box get power?2020-05-22T15:31:28-04:00

Electricity comes from power lines outside the home. These lines are connected to an electrical meter box located on the property. This box keeps track of your power usage so the electric company knows what to charge you each month. From there, the lines connect directly to your electrical panel where the power is controlled by circuit breakers that are designed to shut off if too much electricity surges through one. Too much power could cause safety hazards, like an electrical fire.

What causes an electrical panel to trip?2020-05-22T15:31:56-04:00

Too much power flowing though a single circuit is what causes a breaker to trip. A trip happens most often when too many appliances or high power items are plugged in to the same circuit. Breaker panels can also trip from outside power surges caused by storms, floods, lightning or other problems with the power source.

What should you do if your breaker trips?2020-05-22T15:33:51-04:00

The first thing to do is find the location of your circuit breaker box. In Florida, they are usually located in the garage. Circuit breakers for outside equipment like lightning, air conditioning or pool pumps are usually located outside. Once located, open the box and find the switch that corresponds to where the power outage or surge has happened in your home. If a tripped breaker is the cause of the outage, the switch will be flipped in the opposite direction of all the other switches in the box. Most newer boxes are labeled with the corresponding circuits, or rooms to make it easier to diagnose the problem. Flip the switch back on and go back to the area of the outage to test the power. In most cases this will fix the problem. If it does not, you may have a larger problem on your hands. In that case you will need to call an experienced electrician.

What appliances are known to trip the circuit breaker?2020-05-22T15:35:39-04:00
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • Old Appliances
  • Hair Dryers
  • Window Mounted Air-Conditioners
  • Coffee Makers
What appliances should have their own circuit breaker?2020-05-22T15:36:17-04:00
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Electric Ranges
  • Ovens
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Freezers
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