There are different types of switches. Each of these has its diverse working mechanisms. Among the most popular these days are the push button, toggle, selector, proximity, photoelectric and dimmer light switches. They are all used to control light fixtures but require different inputs to deliver their purpose.

The push button type of switch is a dual position device that involves pressing and releasing. This also comes with a spring that allows its button to return to original position when turned on. It also needs to be pressed again to turn the circuit off. The good thing about the push button switch is the fact that it can easily be installed. This can be accomplished using DIY methods. However, it is strongly advised that the installation be done by a licensed and professional electrician. It should be noted that the switch is involved in cutting electric current off and when not properly installed might cause a fire.

The toggle light switch is the most commonly used type of switch. This is usually included in most electrical systems that contractors install in residential and commercial buildings. This type of switch is highly-recognized since it usually comes with a lever which is commonly angled in two positions. The angling allows the circuit to be switched on and off. The switch is also properly labelled despite its very straightforward configuration to prevent confusion on the part of the user.

The selector switch, on the other hand, is usually equipped with either a rotary knob or lever that can be adjusted to multiple positions as a way of selecting a particular switch function.

The proximity switch is regarded as a modern type of switch. It has a sensor that controls the current supplied on the circuit based on the absence and presence of an individual in the area where it is used. It is also responsible for switching the lights off when the room is empty and turn these on upon sensing the presence of an occupant. Given the said mechanism, this switch is commonly used in modern homes and proven to reduce one’s monthly power consumption significantly.

The photoelectric switch just like the proximity type is also equipped with a sensor. It is responsible for measuring the amount of light present in the surrounding areas. It activates the circuit when the area gets dim and automatically turns off when the normal light level is restored. This is usually used on light posts or street lights.

The dimmer light switch is designed to regulate the flow of current that makes a light bulb emit an adjusted amount of light and provide the needed ambience to the area where it is used.